The Del Valle Way represents the core values of the District. Developed in 2013 as a reflection of the District’s Strategic Plan, it guides the District with fundamental elements such as a mission/vision statement, beliefs, parameters, objectives, and strategies.


Mission/Vision: A declaration of the unique identity to which the organization aspires; its specific purpose; and the means by which it will achieve its purpose.

The mission/vision of Del Valle ISD, the fearless educational leader that binds a growing and progressive community, is to empower and inspire our students to be world-class visionaries who navigate challenges and think critically as valued, productive contributors and socially responsible leaders in a diverse, global society through a commitment to our beliefs, innovative practices, and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders.


Beliefs: An expression of fundamental values; ethical code, overriding convictions, inviolable principles.

  • every person has value and deserves to be treated with respect.
  • people are responsible for their choices and should hold themselves accountable.
  • an environment of open communication where everyone has a voice improves outcomes.
  • through hard work and perseverance goals are achieved.
  • the pursuit of knowledge creates opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • a strong community is only built with respect, honesty and integrity.


Boundaries: within which the organization will accomplish its mission/vision; self-imposed limitations.

  • We will always ensure a safe environment for people to voice their ideas or concerns.
  • We will always expect excellence in the performance of students and staff.
  • We will always focus our efforts on the engagement of parents and community in the educational process.
  • We will always encourage and support innovation.




Objectives: An uncompromising commitment to achieve specific, measurable, observable, or demonstrable results that exceed its present capability.

  • Each student will pursue the life he or she imagines.
  • Each student will respect herself or himself, as well as others.
  • Each student will pursue excellence in everything done.
  • Each student will solve every problem as a critical thinker.
  • Each student will exemplify the qualities of a socially responsible leader in all areas of life.
  • Each student will embrace the complexities of an evolving world.
  • Each student will collaborate respectfully.


Strategies: Bold resolutions that dedicate the organization’s resources and energies toward the continuous creation of systems to achieve the extraordinary as expressed in the mission/vision and objectives.

  • We will actively engage our community in all facets of the educational process.
  • We will provide a wide variety of meaningful experiences and programs to expose our students to their diverse, global society.
  • We will instill in every child a desire to work collaboratively with our community.
  • We will provide our students with the skills to work effectively in collaboration with others.
  • We will expand students’ imaginations beyond their current reality.
  • We will create a positive image for Del Valle ISD in our community and beyond.

Strategic Planning Team

The purpose of the District’s Strategic Plan is to provide a community-based effort that allows Del Valle ISD to develop a student-centered, community-driven plan to align all resources and energies towards the community’s highest aspirations for its students.  The District Strategic Planning Team met and set parameters and strategies for Action Teams who met and developed plans on how to meet the parameters.  The DVISD School Board adopted the recommendations in March 2013.  The new district mission/vision statement, beliefs, parameters, and strategies are listed below.

History of Action

2013 – 2014: District-wide efforts are being made to use The Del Valle way in all aspects of the educational process. To see some of the ways the  District is incorporating the Del Valle Way in all that we do, look for the Pillars graphic (located at the top of this page) on the District’s Points of Pride web-page to read short articles that support The Del Valle Way.

May 2013: The administrative team revised the term Strategic Plan to “The Del Valle Way,” a reflection of the district’s beliefs that we must eat, breath, and live The Del Valle Way every day.

March 2013: The DVISD School Board adopted the DVISD Strategic Planning.

February 2013: The Strategic Planning Committee reviewed proposed Action Team strategies.

September 2012: The Strategic Planning Team spent three intensive days developing the  Del Valle ISD Strategic Plan including a

  • District Belief Statement,
  • Mission/Vision Statement, and
  • Set of Strategic Objectives, Parameters, and Strategies.

Action teams met over a period of four months to further develop the plan and determine how to meet the proposed strategies.

August 2012: The District held three community-wide Education Summit meetings where parents and community members were able to share ideas with a non-district moderator who gathered all ideas and visions for the District’s plan for the future.