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Return to In Person

FAQ:  Can my child return to In-Person Learning?

Yes.  Contact the Virtual Academy Administration by phone call or email and request that  your child be returned to In-Person Learning.  

Your child's school will be notified.  Go with your child to your home campus no later than the next school day and enroll them.

Virtual Academy Return to In-Person (Device Collection)

If a student returns to in-person learning after being enrolled in Virtual Academy, their devices need to be collected and prepared to be used for other Virtual Academy students. The process should be as follows:

Campus Process:

  • Virtual Academy administrators notify campus that a virtual student will be returning to in-person learning. 

  • Elementary campus staff should collect student's devices as they return for in person learning.

  • 6th grade virtual students can keep their device for in-person learning.

  • Collected devices should be given to campus CTA for processing.

CTA Process:

  • Collect returned devices.

  • Update Virtual Academy device handout sheet with return date and note stating that student returned to in-person learning.

  • Clean device.

  • Prepare devices for redistribution