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‘I’m so happy and I’m so proud’: DVISD hosts first Student Teacher Signing Day to celebrate young educators

‘I’m so happy and I’m so proud’: DVISD hosts first Student Teacher Signing Day to celebrate young educators
Christian Aleman-Rodriguez

More than a dozen student teachers officially signed up as teachers for DVISD on Thursday at the district’s first Student Teacher Signing Day. 

The young professionals stepped on board with DVISD to complete their formal education at universities and will soon move into their permanent teaching roles with the district.

Student teachers celebrated the accomplishment surrounded by their principals and cooperating teachers who helped them navigate the process of completing their university degrees. With the stroke of a pen and the sound of cheers, they became full members of the DVISD family. 

Alexander Schleppe, a student teacher and Austin native, said he feels good about starting his teaching career with DVISD and wants to make the “biggest impact possible” among DVHS students. 

“I feel good. I feel like it's a nice place to be. There's a decent amount of support here, and it's a good job. I'm ready to help kids,” said Alexander.

DVISD Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle addressed the student teachers, expressing her support and appreciation for the number of high-caliber student teachers deciding to stay with the district.

“Thank you for being part of the best teaching group we're bringing to Del Valle ISD. We have high expectations because we want high-quality teachers like you. Congratulations,” she said. 

Among the student teachers was Guadalupe Cifuentes, a district employee of eight years who decided to return to school to become a teacher. She was inspired to make a difference in the district her kids attend. 

“I feel happy because I worked so hard to achieve this,” Guadalupe said. “And finally, I'm going to be a teacher, and I'm going to be able to make a positive impact in our community. That's my goal.” 

She said going to school while working and raising her children wasn’t an easy feat but was a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless. Guadalupe said she hopes this accomplishment will demonstrate to her two sons and future students that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

“I feel so happy and proud. I feel like I completed something that cost a lot – it was four years of a lot of work. I tell the kids that I know it’s a lot of homework and that what college demands is a lot. It’s hard, not easy, but I’m so happy, and I’m so proud,” she said. “It’s also to show my kids that nothing can stop you when you have a goal and work for it. So I want to show them with my example that they can achieve whatever they want if they work hard.” 

Guadalupe completed her student teaching at Baty Elementary and signed on to teach there. She hopes to teach kindergarten through second grade, saying it’s the perfect time to mold budding minds into good citizens. 

DVISD Board of Trustees member Shaira Ramzanali and Board Vice President Ann Heuberger attended the event, expressing their excitement at seeing student teachers commit to the district and the significance of celebrating these milestones. 

“I'm hearing all the laughter and the excitement, and I'm just so excited with my own daughter being in the district right now, who had a student teacher this past year just, I’m just ready to see what they're going to do,” Board member Ramzanali said. 

“It shows Del Valle's commitment to hiring the best educators for the district, which our students need and deserve. I think it's a great way to welcome new teachers to our district, especially beginning teachers, and it really shows that we're committed to making sure they're welcome and that they're going to have the support they need,” Vice President Heuberger said.

With the event being a first for DVISD, Director of Human Resources Lindsey Gonzalez said people connecting with one another is at the center of the success.

“No significant learning happens without a significant relationship. So that's something that I learned early on as a teacher, and I’ve kept that through my career as a campus administrator and now a central office administrator,” she said.

Student Teacher Signing Day will be followed by an upcoming DVISD Job Expo planned for April. Prospective employees can visit the district and learn what it offers through growth opportunities, professional development, and more. 

Dr. Tielle posing with a new teacher after signing contract
Dr. Tielle speaks with student teachers at signing day
Student teacher signs contract to officially join DVISD
Four student teachers sign contract to join DVISD at Gilbert Elementary
Dr. Tielle speaking at Student Teacher Signing Day 2023
Baty Elementary principal with new teacher
Baty Elementary principal with new teacher
Student teacher signs contract to officially join DVISD
Student teachers at DVISD student teacher signing day 2023