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Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees adopts resolution on gun violence prevention

Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees adopts resolution on gun violence prevention
Christopher Weddle

At the June 7, 2022 Special Board Meeting, the Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees approved a resolution calling for elected officials to protect schools with gun violence prevention legislation. The resolution will be sent to all elected officials representing the Del Valle ISD community.

“As a School Board, we have a duty to protect the children of our community,” said School Board President Rebecca A. Birch, “Gun violence has become the number one cause of death for children and we cannot stand by and watch. We must use our voices as school district leaders to call for change.”

In addition to the adopted resolution, Trustees also approved an Advocacy Resolution to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) calling on the Association to include gun violence prevention in their agenda of priorities for the next Texas Legislative Session.

Adopted Resolution

The Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees calls on our elected officials to pass and enact gun violence prevention legislation to protect our schools and communities.

We demand our elected officials to set aside partisan bickering and do what is necessary to end the senseless slaughter of children and young adults that plagues our communities with the unfettered access to deadly weapons including semi-automatic rifles.

We implore you to not only consider legislation aimed at placing the burden of gun violence on our teachers, administrators and students, as you have done in past legislative sessions, rather to enact legislation that will prevent the next massacre. Having one entrance to a building and arming teachers and administrators are not viable answers. Legislation that places the burden on the victims will not prevent the next Uvalde, El Paso, Sutherland Springs, Buffalo, or Tulsa.

Research shows comprehensive background checks are foundational to keeping guns from dangerous people. We know from Florida that Red Flag laws and age restrictions have prevented tragedy. But we demand that it not stop there, we must have mandatory waiting periods, mandatory training and restricting the types of weapons that can be purchased by individual citizens. We must take any and all steps necessary to save our children and communities.

We ask that you love our children more than you love your special interests. We know what needs to be done, but the question is will you have the courage to do it.