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Del Valle ISD awards Navy Veteran a diploma 50 years after expected graduation

Del Valle ISD awards Navy Veteran a diploma 50 years after expected graduation


Former Del Valle High School student Cornell Galloway left high school fifty years ago, only one credit short of graduation. Over those years, he spent a 28-year career in the U.S. Navy, including time in Vietnam, without one accomplishment he had always wanted - his high school diploma. At the November 16 Board of Trustees meeting, Del Valle ISD fulfilled his dream to complete high school by awarding Mr. Galloway his diploma. 


Earlier in the week, Mr. Galloway contacted the district to inquire about completing his diploma. The District's Data and Accountability Department, including Executive Director Dr. Ana Rush and District Student Data Administrator Connie Philips, quickly went to work. The district located Mr. Galloway's transcript, determining that he was only a P.E. credit short of graduation. Upon review with Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle, the district granted the credit based on his years of military service.

"This is one of the happiest moments in my career," shared Dr. Rush, "I am honored to have helped Mr. Galloway achieve this goal."

Superintendent Tielle certified completion of the diploma during the Board meeting with Board President Rebecca Birch.

"Throughout his years of service to our nation in the Navy, we know Mr. Galloway more than completed the requirements for his P.E. credit," said Superintendent Tielle, "We are extremely proud of our newest graduate and all he accomplished during his distinguished career."

At a Board meeting with a Veterans Day performance from the Popham Elementary choir, the awarding of a diploma to a Veteran fit perfectly. Mr. Galloway shared an emotional message as he joined the meeting by Zoom. "I'm lost for words; this is a long time coming," Mr. Galloway said, "There's something about not finishing what you started, and to get my diploma, I didn't know how to do it. I really want to recognize Dr. Rush and Ms. Connie Philips, who dug and made this happen."

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