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200 DVHS students recognized for internships with district partners

200 DVHS students recognized for internships with district partners
Christian Aleman-Rodriguez

More than 200 Del Valle High School students were recognized on Monday for receiving internships through DVISD’s business partners. The number represents about one-third of the Class of 2023, who will graduate next week with a workforce opportunity through the district’s partnerships.

Now in its second year, seniors and other students participated in a ceremony to honor their achievements as many prepare to walk across the graduation stage on May 25. Students, families, teachers, and staff celebrated students for their dedication to DVISD’s Career Technology Education (CTE) programs and internships with partners, including the Circuit of the Americas, the City of Austin Fleet Services, the UT Child Wellness Center, and many more. 

“We wouldn’t be able to do this work if we didn’t have great sponsors, which we’re very proud of as our sponsor list continues to grow each year. We want to thank those who help us help you get the work experiences you need to be ready for the workforce,” said DVISD Deputy Chief Workforce Development Officer, Dr. Alex Torrez. 

In her remarks to students, Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle spoke of the importance of workforce development opportunities for students, whether they attend college after high school or not. 

“Something that makes Del Valle High School special and your teachers special is that when we look at all of you, we look at your potential. We don't want to fit you into opportunities; we want to fit opportunities onto you,” Dr. Tielle said. 

“You're going to leave high school with a career, and that’s amazing. Some people only dream of that. You, right now, are already realizing your potential.”

She encouraged students to remain empathetic and kind throughout their life as they leave DVISD and forge ahead with the same grit that got them through CTE programs and real-world internships. 

Students who interned in the plethora of programs received certificates. Those programs included auto tech, health sciences, legal studies, technology, information technology, welding, education, and others. 

DVHS freshman Joseph Dominguez, in the auto tech program, was recognized at the ceremony for securing an IT internship with the DVISD Technology Department. 

“I was excited…because it’s my first time having an official job,” Joseph said. He said he’s excited to learn more about technology over the summer. “I feel good. I’m going to learn more about technology and become more developed in it.”

Director of CTE Norris Sebastian said the opportunities provided by the school district and its partners genuinely prepare students for work and life outside of the classroom, even if students don’t realize it right now. 

“The students are out there in real-world situations, they're working. It’s super vital for them, and a lot of them don't even realize yet how impactful that will be. But once they start to talk about it and they put it on their resumes and are asked, they're going see exactly how this has influenced them,” Norris said. “As they get older, they'll look back on this time and say it was a turning point for them.”

Group photo of CTE interns, teacher, and administrators
Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle with CTE intern student
Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle with CTE intern student
Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle with CTE intern student
CTE Auto Tech student holds up his internship certificate
Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle with CTE intern student