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Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year from Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle

Dear Del Valle ISD families,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! We are so excited to welcome your children back to school. Can you believe the first day of school is here? 

We enter the new year with some wonderful news - DVISD schools are making significant academic progress! Based on preliminary data, I am proud to share that we expect the Texas Education Agency will list Del Valle ISD as a “B” rated district! This outstanding achievement is thanks to your partnership with us. We’re focused on the academic success of your students and the work ahead. 

Throughout the summer, we concentrated on keeping Del Valle ISD the best choice for your children. Our teams have completed extensive reviews and updates of curriculum, safety protocols, transportation processes, communications, and more. 

I know that many of you have questions about safety protocols.  Although I cannot provide explicit details for security purposes, I would like to provide an overview of the district’s plan.

You likely heard in the news this summer that the state has implemented requirements for all school districts to support safe learning environments. Del Valle ISD proactively and routinely reviews all safety procedures and conducts checks on the security of our facilities. This is an ongoing practice at DVISD, even before the state’s new requirements were released. DVISD follows the State Standard Response Protocols. 

Some procedures required by the state and in place at DVISD are:

  • Targeted safety audit, including exterior door safety 

  • Weekly exterior door checks, ensuring doors are properly locked and secured

  • Summer safety training for staff, including Student Support Teams training for each campus

  • Safety drills scheduled throughout the school year for students and teachers

  • Full safety and security audit 

As a district, we have also put additional measures in place, including additional Student Resources Officers and Security Staff.

At the core of our work is the success of each and every student.  That begins with great teachers, strong instruction, and a curriculum that we design for our students.  The district’s curriculum received a thorough review and update, just as we do each year. We have a rigorous curriculum at all grade levels and high expectations that students will achieve. 

As you know, our calendar is adjusted from last year, bringing an innovative approach to supporting our teachers with professional development, so they may in turn bring exceptional teaching to your child’s classroom. These updates include 1-hour early release on Fridays and a district professional development week October 17-21, which provides a 1-week fall break for students. The calendar was developed from our annual calendar survey, sent to all parents and staff, as well as based on feedback from the District Advisory Team.  It includes additional student breaks and professional development for staff, strategically placed throughout the school year. Please review the academic calendar at

During our Back to School Convocation, the theme for the year was shared. And that is to have the right teachers who will “be the difference” in all of our children’s lives. I am happy to share that we continue to find the right teachers and staff; those who love our kids and are coachable, open-minded, perseverant, and adaptable. We strive for a team in Del Valle ISD who has the heart for our kids, as well as a growth mindset, believing that anything is possible for our students. We continue to hold our staff and students to high expectations because that is what your children and our students deserve.

Off we go into our continued journey together.   

Welcome back!

Annette Tielle, Ed.D.