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Transportation FAQ

How do I register my child to ride the bus?

All enrolled students will be registered to ride the bus. 

In order for a student to ride a bus the student must be registered for school and provide a current address in the Del Valle ISD boundaries.

Returning students must confirm their registration and address - visit 

New students must complete their registration process - visit 

When will I get the route information for my child / children?

Routes for all students will be provided by text and or email to the contact information of the primary parent registered in Skyward on August 5, 2022 by 2:00 pm

Parents are encouraged to sign up for the Smart Tag Parent Portal to get updates on their child / children.  

SMART Tag Parent Portal Sign up for SMART Alerts and receive emails or text messages regarding your child / childrens scheduled bus stop. Learn more at this link: Smart Tag Parent Portal

Will my child / children be on the same route as last year for 2022-2023?

Each route is developed based on the students riding the bus; the prior routes will be adjusted to provide service to all students on the route.

There is no guarantee that a student will remain on the same route as the previous year.

Will students have immediate bus service or will they have to wait 1-2 days for service?

All students enrolled by August 5, 2022 10:00 am will be routed on a bus for the first day of school.  Any student added after this date may have a one to two day delay to allow time for the route to be adjusted, the department will strive to accommodate all students by August 8, 2022. 

Route updates will be sent via text message as soon as the student is routed on a bus.  We typically have routes completed by the end of the first week in August, but we will still be making slight adjustments through mid September.

What time will buses arrive for drop off and pick up?

The drop off and pick up times will be provided based on the route the student is assigned to, each route may be adjusted based on traffic, construction or unforeseen circumstances. 

Parents may monitor the pick up and drop off times using the Smart Tag Parent Portal. 

I registered my child, however, my child does not have a bus assigned yet. 

After registering your child it will take approximately 1-2 business days from the time of registration or any change of address to have a bus assigned to the student.  Please make sure there is a current email on the Skyward Parent Portal to receive updates. 

The bus stop is too far from my house and the bus passes right in front of my house, can the bus stop be closer? 

Bus stop locations are determined by the proximity of students riding the bus, road conditions, access for the bus to maneuver and safety of the students.

Bus stops in neighborhoods with cul de sacs, narrow streets, or limited access for turnaround locations may have group stops at a safe location for all students in a specific area to board or depart the bus.

Will my child / children have to sit with other students?

Del Valle ISD is experiencing an increase in the number of students needing transportation services.  Many of the routes will require students to sit two and or three students per seat.  The transportation staff will review each route to determine if any changes need to be made based on the number of students riding a route.

How do I address concerns with the location of a specific bus stop?

Bus routes are designed to get your child home safely and in a timely manner for all students on the route.  If there are hazardous conditions that you believe we need to be aware of, please email with your concern; student ID# and address.  Staff will review the request and determine if an adjustment to the stop is possible.

What happens if my child misses the bus?

Please ensure your child is at the stop no later than 5 minutes before the designated stop time.

If a child misses the bus, please contact the Transportation Department at 512-386-3150. Staff will work to coordinate services to pick up your child to go to school.