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Employment FAQs

How do I know what jobs are available?  

Go to DVISD’s online application system to view available jobs.

Do you accept paper applications? 

A: No. Our application is exclusively online via our website.

What does a “Pool” or “Multiple Campus” job posting mean?

We are seeking multiple candidates for multiple positions within the district.  Individuals seeking a teaching position will have to apply to the pool positions for consideration.  We do not post a separate job posting for every vacancy due to the large number of vacancies that can occur in various positions such as bus drivers, child nutrition workers, child care providers, instructional aides, etc.  You may only see campus specific teaching positions for hard to fill certification areas.

Do I have to apply for the pool every year to be considered for a position?

Yes, the application system will expunge all pool applicants when the pool closes (generally in February or March).  A new pool will be made available for the following school year (generally in March) for candidates to apply for the following school year.

How long does a job posting remain open?

A: Positions are open until filled or closed.  Pool postings remain open for a longer duration of time.

How do I check the status of my application?

A: You will receive an electronic confirmation that your application has been received through the application system.  Please do not call Human Resources regarding the status of your application.

If I am an employee of DVISD, how do I view Internal Job Postings?

Log in the secured Internal Employee Access found on the Human Resources webpage to find information on viewing internal job postings.  A document can be found that provides employees steps on how to apply to internal positions or as an internal candidate.  Please note: tutors, after school instructors, and substitutes are not considered full-time district employees and need to complete the online external job application.

Will my references be contacted? 

All e-references listed by the applicant will receive an e-mail upon completion of the application.  Please note: DVISD supervisors will contact each applicant’s most current and former supervisors for reference information. It is important for applications to be complete, current, and accurate if individuals are going to be considered for employment.

What kind of documents will I have to attach to the application? 

It depends on the position you are applying for.  All professional positions will require an updated resume and cover letter.  Individuals seeking a teaching position MUST submit the most recent classroom evaluation (as applicable).  Student teachers should upload a recommendation from a cooperating teacher or university supervisor.  Student teacher evaluations can also be uploaded, if available.

I have applied, why have I not heard from anyone?

A: Not all applicants will be considered for an interview.  Not all interviewed will be hired.

What is the hiring process for DVISD?

A: All candidates have to apply online for positions they are seeking.  Depending on the position, applicants may get called or sent an e-mail request via the application system for a pre-screening interview with Human Resources.  Hiring Supervisors and Campus Principals review applications, conduct interviews, and call references to the applicants current and former supervisors.  Hiring managers then submit their final candidate to Human Resources for review and approval. Only staff from Human Resources can job offer a position to a prospective candidate for employment.

How will I know if a position I applied for has been filled? 

The application system will send you an automated e-mail response when the position has been filled.  Additionally, your application for that particular job posting may be deactivated.  The system will send you an automated e-mail response when that happens.

I have applied to multiple school districts and I can’t seem to obtain employment yet.  What can I do to stand out as a prospective candidate?  

A: Consider applying as an instructional substitute in our school district. This is the best way to receive competitive pay and get seen by campus administrative and instructional staff.  Individuals can obtain daily substitute jobs at all levels and gain first hand experience working in our schools that can be additionally listed on a resume.  We respect and value our substitutes and DVISD administrators take notice of dedicated substitutes.  We have had many individuals who served as instructional substitutes or instructional aides transition into teaching positions within the district after they acquired their degrees and teaching certification.  Click here for more information about substituting in DVISD.