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Private Duty Nursing Services

The needs of some students with medical problems may need to be addressed through private duty nurses (PDN’s). The following describes the protocol to be followed if a PDN will be accompanying a child at school:

1. The family should download the ‘Parent Contract’ and review the ‘Private Duty Nursing Roles & Responsibilities’ document. The parent should email the signed parent contract to .


2. The agency providing private duty nursing services should download the ‘Nurse Contract’.   The agency should email the signed contract and the student’s current medical plan of care to .


3. The PDN(s) assigned to work with the student should download the ‘Background Check Request Form’ and email the document to  The PDN(s) also needs to fill out an application for a Contracted Personnel/Mentor & Student Support position at the following link: After completing this application, the PDN must review the ‘Private Duty Nursing Roles & Responsibilities’ document and await notification of cleared background check.  


4.  If you have difficulty emailing a document, you may bring the document to Del Valle ISD Central Administration Office located at 5301 Ross Road, Del Valle, 78617.