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Health Services

The mission of Health Services is to advance the professional practice of school nursing in ways that promote each student’s optimal level of wellness and educational potential.

Philosophy Statement

Health Services believes that good health is essential for optimal growth and achievement; therefore, the major objectives of the program are to provide health services and to stimulate the development of those attitudes and practices which will enable each student and teacher to realize his full potential. We believe that parents are primarily responsible for the care of their children. The obligations of school health services are health appraisal of the child; informing and interpreting the results to the parents; encouraging, motivating and supporting the parents in their efforts to follow through on the recommendations of the educational and health teams to the end that each child may perform at his/her maximum level. This philosophy emphasizes the coordination of our school health services with private practitioners, community agencies and other civic resources.


  • Assure access to basic first aid care for students attending school.
  • Provide mandated screenings and immunization monitoring.
  • Provide a system for identifying and referring students medical problems.
  • Provide a system for dealing with emergency health situations.
  • Provide appropriate and comprehensive health education to students and staff.
  • Provide a system of evaluation.

Health Services

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