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District Advisory Team (DAT)

DAT Chairperson/Designee:
Dr. Ana Rush, Executive Director of Academics & Accountability

DAT Guidelines 

2023-2024 Meeting Dates:

October 11, November 6, December 4, January 8, February 5, and April 22

 Meeting Agendas and Documents

Superintendent Dr. Tielle presented an update to the DAT in May 2023 about improvements made throughout the district. Watch that video below. 

Watch Here

The DAT shall perform the following functions:
1. The DAT shall advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District’s
educational goals, objectives, and major District classroom instructional programs identified
by the Board or its designee. In this regard, the DAT shall provide input to the Superintendent
in the areas of planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the district educational
2. The DAT shall establish, review, evaluate, and recommend the district's educational plans,
goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional program and shall address
all pertinent federal planning requirements.
3. Each school year, the Superintendent, with the assistance of the DAT, shall develop, evaluate
and revise the District Improvement Plan (DIP). The purpose of the DIP is to guide district
and campus staff in the improvement of student performance for all student groups in order
to attain state standards in respect to the student achievement indicators adopted under TEC
Section 39.053.
4. The DAT shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that it shall approve staff
development of a District-wide nature.
5. The DAT shall analyze information related to dropout prevention, including:
A. the results of the audit of dropout records required by Section 39.308;
B. campus information related to graduation rates, dropout rates, high school equivalency
certificate rates, and the percentage of students who remain in high school more than
four years after entering grade level 9;
C. the number of students who enter high school equivalency program and: a) do not
complete the program, b) complete the program but do not take the high school
equivalency examination, or c) complete the program and take the high school
equivalency exam but do not obtain a high school equivalency certificate;
D. for students enrolled in grade levels 9 and 10, information related to academic credit
hours earned, retention rates, and placements in alternative education programs and
expulsions under Chapter 37; and
E. the results of an evaluation of each school-based dropout prevention program in the
6. The DAT will be actively involved in establishing the administrative procedure that defines
the respective roles and responsibilities pertaining to planning and decision-making
functions of the DAT and the Campus Advisory Teams (CAT).
7. The DAT shall recommend a school calendar.
8. The DAT shall propose a local accountability system.
9. The DAT established under Section 11.251 shall hold at least one public meeting per year.
The required meeting shall be held after receipt of the annual district performance report
from the agency for the purpose of discussing the performance of the district and the district performance objective.