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Parenting the Gifted Child

Social and Emotional Problems Affecting Gifted Children

About Parenting

The characteristics of gifted children often lead to social and emotional problems that can affect their emotional and social development. To understand your gifted child completely, it’s a good idea to see how your child’s giftedness can influence his or her behavior. Read More.

What Does Bullying Mean and How Does It Impact Gifted Children?

Raising Lifelong Learners

We hear about bullying a lot these days – it’s in the media, talked about at schools and co-ops, and is written about in books. But, what does bullying mean? What is the difference between bullying and being mean? And why does it matter? Read More.

Helping the Introverted and Talented Child 

The Creativity Post

Tom Clynes has written an extraordinary “adventure, a coming-of-age narrative of one kid’s remarkable (and often comic) journey into the subatomic world.” The Boy Who played with Fusion explores Taylor Wilson’s brilliant mind and personality, remarkable parents, and the science behind nuclear fusion and gifted education to provide the reader with a literary ride that investigates what it takes to develop an intellectual star. Read More.

Tune In to Your Gifted Child’s Needs

Gifted Challenges

Anyone who has raised children from birth knows how unique each little being is right out of the gate. They emerge with their own personality, needs, quirks, and impulses. We can help nurture and shape them, but ultimately, they are who they are. Read More.

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