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Teacher Of The Year

Teacher of the Year Highlights faculty that provide outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching.

2020 – 2021 Del Valle ISD Teachers of the Year

Overall Elementary: Beatriz Flores

Overall Secondary: Rachel Hatch

Moulshae Tuff
Child Development Center

Emily Ward Wilder
Baty Elementary School

Wendy Castillo
Collins Elementary School

Julie Chauvin
Creedmoor Elementary School

Angela Rodgers
Del Valle Elementary School

Beatriz Flores
Gilbert Elementary School

Shari Incognito
Hillcrest Elementary School

Deanna DeOlloz
Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School

Jediah Gonzalez
Popham Elementary School

Erika Arellano
Smith Elementary School

Jennifer Stark
Dailey Middle School

Darla Weatherly
Del Valle Middle School

Rachel Hatch
Ojeda Middle School

Kelsey Williams
Del Valle High School

Mat Zuniga
Opportunity Center