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2023 Legislative Agenda

On Feb. 21, 2023, the Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees adopted a legislative agenda for the 2023 session:

The Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees supports: 

  • District flexibility in online testing to allow for the  local STAAR Placement Committee to make determinations based on individual student and district need.
  • An update to the school formula to increase the basic allotment, address inflation/cost of living, and use 100% enrollment-based funding instead of ADA.
  • Providing state funding for social workers, trauma counselors, at risk counselors and drug & alcohol counselors in our public schools and at all campuses.
  • Continued funding of public education for all children living in the state regardless of immigration status.
  • That all children regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity have access to age appropriate curriculum, books, and materials that are representative of their stories and history.
  • That school districts maintain local control over all facets including virtual educational opportunities.
  • Passing life-saving, sensible gun control legislation, including mandatory waiting periods, enhanced background checks, mandatory training, red flag laws and restricting the types of weapons that can be purchased by individual citizens that would reduce the incidents of senseless gun violence in our public schools and communities.

The Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees opposes: 

  • Any state plan that would use vouchers, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements, or any other means to divert public tax dollars to private entities, homeschooled students, or parents with little or no academic or financial accountability or transparency to the state, taxpayers, or local communities.
  • Legislation or measures that seek to limit school districts’ or administrators’ ability to have representation before the Texas legislature, state agencies, and the executive branch.