Parents of developing readers are being equipped with resources to assist with strengthening their child’s reading. Creedmoor, Del Valle, and Popham Elementary Schools partnered to host “Reading with A Purpose.” The program is a literacy-based parent series focused on providing families the tools to strengthen reading skills in young readers. Now in its third month, the series has worked towards minimizing the “summer melt,” a time in which students in general struggle with reading due to the two-month summer break. 

“Joining these sessions has given me confidence to help my kindergartener with her reading.  I feel I am more prepared, and I am learning new tools to help her be successful in school. ” Yvette Navarrete said, Popham Elementary Parent.

Sessions like “Choosing the Right Book,” “Vocabulary Development,” “Questioning Techniques,” and more, interactively break down the purpose of reading, and give parents the confidence to be the great first teachers of their students that they already are.

David Ramos reading a book.