Pre-K students at Hillcrest aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, especially when it’s part of a fun learning opportunity. Springtime served as the perfect time to have a lesson in the garden to learn about the life cycle of plants. The kids have been busy sowing seeds at home and at school.

“I like that they are teaching our children about the different seasons because it is a way for them to learn why our weather changes. Right now, they are really excited planting seeds to create their own garden at school with the help of their teachers. It is great they make that part of their curriculum,” said Eneyda Carbajal said, a Pre-K Parent.

The young gardeners planted a variety of seeds and plants including Crepe Myrtle trees, Greg’s mist flowers, lantana and salvia. They look forward to watching them grow.

Pre-K students sitting around Chromebook Pre-K students gardening