Del Valle Elementary 5th-grade student Kenneth Hunt participated in an international chess competition notching three wins against a group of kids from 86 countries. The Intercontinental ChessKid FIDE Challenge brought together more than 1900 children for a virtual chess tournament. Kenneth was the only DVISD student to participate in the contest.

DVISD students have Gold Membership access to the Scholastic ChessKid website under a grant awarded to the district. Kenneth started his participation in the DVE chess club when he was in kindergarten, growing his skills through elementary school. “I am extremely proud of how far he has come,” his mother Pamela Lewis said.

The ChessKid membership provides invitations to tournaments through the school year, like this challenge. While the event was in a tournament format, the main goal was for children under age 12 to have fun playing chess with fellow kids from all over the world. For Kenneth, it was a chance to play against peers outside of school after participating in virtual meets with classmates this school year.

DVE LEAD Enrichment Program Specialist Lupita Garcia mentioned the tournament opportunity to the students in the club and shared that Kenneth immediately showed interest.

“Kenneth is extremely advanced and typically trains by challenging his coach, Mr. Leal,” Garcia said, “Because of that, he felt he was up to the challenge.”

He is also team-oriented, helping coach his fellow club members for their matches.

Student standing on stage with certificate