Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School 3rd grade teacher Deanna Deolloz instills in her students the importance of trust, respect, and helping others. So when she discovered her home internet was not working during virtual learning, she quickly used her phone to message the class and parents while trusting the students to work with each other to complete an asynchronous lesson. She did not expect a couple of her students to take the guiding principles from class and step up as classroom leaders.

Students Khonssa Taj and Ileen Aguilar remembered Ms. Deolloz’s desire for students to work together and assumed the role of teaching the lesson to their classmates.

With the class logged into Ms. Deolloz’s Google Classroom, Khonssa and Ileen shared their screens and walked through the English Language Arts lesson, even calling on classmates to answer. Although teacher Emily Barker was also in the Google Classroom, she decided not to interrupt since the students did such a good job leading the lesson.

Hornsby-Dunlap Principal Helen Garcia joined the classroom after Ms. Deolloz let her know of the internet problem. “I thought this is amazing,” Ms. Garcia shared. “All of the students were in the virtual classroom and participating.”

Ms. Deolloz said that the students were so excited to work with each other, they asked to stay in the Google Classroom after their daily assignments to read with each other.

“One thing I teach in my class is to believe in trust,” Ms. Deolloz said, “I knew I could trust them to do their work. By them working together, it is one of my proud teaching moments. I am proud I was able to instill that confidence in my students.”

“I like to help Ms. Deolloz and thought of helping her because she helps us a lot,” Khonssa said of her teaching moment. Khonssa shared that she hopes to be a doctor in the future, using the foundation of trust and respect from Ms. Deolloz’s class to help others.

Screenshot of Google Classroom