A pilot program at Ojeda Middle School is giving students a familiar learning resource – paper – to accompany the English Language Arts curriculum. Books from Measuring Up provide high-quality resources and lessons as part of the DVISD curriculum. Teachers integrate this resource with aligned literacy strategies and responsive teaching in their instruction.

Ojeda Middle School teachers and administration noticed that students were having success using a mix of tangible and digital materials. Students benefit from the paper Measuring Up materials by having the ability to read and mark up the lessons. The lessons build on the foundational literacy skills DVISD teaches each day. After teacher-led sessions, students have independent practice on the skills.

To lay the foundation for this initiative, Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle trained teacher leaders on close reading strategies using Measuring Up texts. With this initial training, the teacher leaders can provide support to their grade-level teachers addressing the supplemental materials.

“As an educator who will be utilizing these materials with students in my classes, I am looking forward to the implementation of the Measuring Up paper resource.” said Ojeda 6th grade teacher Casey Hagen, “This initiative puts accessible, rigorous reading content with well-designed scaffolds in students’ hands. We continue to remain committed to providing whatever it takes to ensure that students have an opportunity to succeed in their learning.”

The framework is not a replacement for the DVISD curriculum; however, it complements it by building reading stamina and individual annotation skills.

“Our purpose is to teach students to become critical readers,” said Director of Literacy Stefanie Carter-Dodson, “The kids really like working on paper. It brings a level of comfort to their learning.”

Students attending school on campus received the materials in class. Remote learners received books through campus pickup or bus delivery. A team of campus and district staff also packed and mailed the materials for families who could not pick up the books. The paper option also gives parents a connection to class, with documents that they can easily follow. The progression of each lesson is laid out in the resources, so parents can follow along and reinforce learning at home.

Staff members posing with envelopes of Measuring Up materials in envelopes