Student artwork is gracing the “walls” of Creedmoor Elementary School’s virtual art gallery after a creative fall semester. The show is the school’s first virtual event for art and features pieces from virtual and on-campus learners across Grades K-5.

Artwork includes Fall 2020 Semester work including recycled material monsters, color wheel collages, international peace day boards, Hispanic Heritage Month boards, and many other 2- and 3-D work.

“Normally students and teachers are able to see their artwork displayed in the hallways at our school,” said art teacher Chelsea Freestone, “Since so many of our students are virtual, I wanted to create an art show that is accessible to everyone. Art shows are important for students to cultivate a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work, as well as being exposed to the different styles and creations of their peers across grade levels.”

You can take a virtual stroll through the students’ art by visiting:

Graphic of an art gallery with student art Graphic of an art gallery with student art