Del Valle Elementary students put their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the test during “Hour of Code,” a week-long national event. “Hour of Code is designed to introduce students to computer science-related careers.

During the event, coding activities empower students to be creative, take risks, and build confidence. Students across all grade levels at DVE practiced various activities, from basic block coding to writing lines of JavaScript. Students also looked at different types of STEM careers that utilize coding and other forms of technology. Coding literacy is considered a necessary skill for many future jobs.

“The students loved the coding activities because they see it as a part of their futures,” said Sarah Dominguez, a 4th-grade teacher at DVE, “Many of the students know that without coding, the games and websites they love simply would not exist. The kids have a blast with programs like these, and they love seeing something they created spring into action on the computer.”

Chromebook screen filled with activities Student at desk using Chromebook