The Del Valle Child Development Center staff is studying Conscious Discipline Social-Emotional Learning videos to support resiliency and foundational growth in early childhood development. Through the “I Love You Rituals,” Safe Place practices, Baby Doll Circle Time, and the School Family ideology, the school’s children will have a strong start in life with confidence and security.

Each week, the team learns a component of the program to support the children, and themselves, with social-emotional development. This is especially relevant and important when children and families have extra concerns related to the pandemic.

“When using Conscious Discipline I remind my students that I am here to keep you safe, but you must help me keep you safe,” said Preschool Child Care Provider Anna Reynero, “I also remind my students that they are in control of their feelings and can control their feelings by not allowing others to control how they feel. Through using calming steps, and breathing techniques such as STAR breathing through conscious discipline.”

Child Development Center student looking at poster with images of behavior Poster of "Time to go home" activities Poster with "How would you like to be greeted?" image examples