Del Valle ISD Librarians worked hard to find innovative ways to support students and the community during virtual learning. Without students in school buildings, campus librarians along with the district operations department collaborated to provide literacy resources at several locations in the community through “Live with a Librarian.”

The program engaged with students and families in September and early October, while providing access to basic school supplies, craft kits, and donated books. The goal of the program was to build literacy skills, as well as offer motivation and excitement to read and learn.

“By increasing book access at home, the district librarians hope to encourage families to read together,” said Marianne Alves, Del Valle Elementary librarian.

During the months of September and early October, the librarians were able to hand out over 140 bags of school supplies, about 50 craft kits donated by Home Depot, and over 275 books provided by district librarians. Librarians also shared short stories with children at each location. Now that some students are back in classrooms, the district librarians will continue to engage and promote literacy to families through Google Classroom and various district social media. The librarians also encourage the community to utilize public libraries within Del Valle ISD, which provide even greater access to print and electronic books and online educational resources.

Librarian reading books to children Librarian handing out books to children