Welcome to Virtual PD Computer ScreenDel Valle ISD hosted a virtual Professional Learning Academy for new and returning teachers in preparation for remote learning for the first eight weeks of school. With the local and state governance establishing remote learning guidelines, the district ensured that professional learning addressed remote learning in addition to educational best practices. DVISD teachers received high-quality pathways of learning that were developed for each teacher based on their specific grade level and content area.

District-level staff and campus teacher leaders were involved in the planning and implementation of professional learning sessions.  Each session was developed with a mindset of ensuring DVISD educators have the tools needed to successfully start the school year virtually with classroom practices that provide students with the best learning opportunities in a virtual environment. 

Standard courses were delivered involving tools for blended learning and responsive teaching strategies: building connections with students in a virtual world, what the first days of school should entail, the district remote learning plan and curriculum tools to support the plan. Other meeting topics included content specific information and elective sessions to allow teachers to take a more in-depth look into technology tools available for remote learning.

“The DVISD Professional Learning Academy was developed this year to support teachers in an unprecedented time in public education.  The goal of all sessions was to deliver high-quality learning experiences that would provide teachers the tools to have a successful start to the school year for their students,” said Dr. Laura Carlin-Gonzalez, Interim Executive Director of Curriculum and Advanced Academics. “Teachers attended sessions that were common among all learning pathways, and they also were able to have some choice of elective sessions to attend.  All professional learning leaders, including campus teacher leaders and district staff, did a phenomenal job. We are really proud of the collective work done to prepare for the start of the school year.”

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