Four Del Valle High School (DVHS) alumni from the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) cohort completed the curriculum portion of the program on June 26. The MC3 provides high quality, apprentice-level content to young people interested in construction to prepare them for careers in the industry. The DVHS cohort members who completed the curriculum program are now employed and will enter applicable apprenticeship programs. 

“I am so excited for these four men and their future! They are off to a great start and in-demand career that will financially set them up for greatness!” said Stephanie Calderon, Workforce Solutions Capital Area Career and Education Outreach Specialist. “Upon completion of the program, each participant will be offered employment and consideration to join a local registered apprenticeship program with an affiliate training program.”

Congratulations to the following DVHS alumni:

  • Francisco Acosta, Trade Chosen: IBEW | Current Employer: Alterman
  • Mark Barbosa, Trade Chosen: Sheetmetal | Current Employer: Young and Pratt
  • Christian Gonzalez: Trade Chosen: IBEW | Current Employer: Alterman
  • Victor Delgado-Mendoza: Trade Chosen: IBEW | Current Employer: Alterman

MC3 pre-apprenticeship training offers participants hands-on training, industry-recognized certifications, and employment opportunities in the skilled trades. Careers in skilled trades include occupations such as carpenters, electricians, fire sprinkler installers, insulators, laborers, plumber/pipefitters, sheet metal workers. A trainee who enrolls in a registered apprenticeship program can earn up to $15/hour on average during their first year as an apprentice and up to $70k average salary after they complete an apprenticeship program.


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