Superior HealthplanSuperior HealthPlan’s employees in Austin hosted a fundraising initiative collecting $2,235 in five days, paying off student lunch debt for three Del Valle ISD schools. Initially, the group set a fundraising goal of $2,000, which would fully pay off student lunch debt at Del Valle Elementary School and Ojeda Middle School. Thanks to the generosity of their donors, the fundraising effort paid off the balance of those two schools, provided funding for a third school, the Opportunity Center, and provided funds for future accruals at all three schools.

$1,000 was raised for Ojeda Middle School, providing $589.04 of immediate lunch debt relief with $410.96 for future accruals. Del Valle Elementary School also received $1,000 with $400.20 used to eliminate current debt and $599.80 remaining for future debt. The Opportunity Center received $235, paying off $44.50 of lunch debt, leaving an additional $190.05 for future debt.

The Superior HealthPlan Austin Employee Appreciation Committee (EAC) focuses on finding ways to make a difference by giving back to the Austin community and providing financial relief to Del Valle ISD children and their families with lunch debt aligns with that focus.

“Superior’s purpose is to transform the health of Texas communities, one person at a time. This fundraising initiative allowed us to support our purpose and make a meaningful impact by helping children and their families within our community,” said Katie Freeman, an administrative support supervisor. “We always strive to support causes that will make a difference. We’re proud to offer continued support for communities in Central Texas and beyond.”