The sixth-grade teachers at Ojeda Middle School (OMS), including elective teachers, recognized students who showed outstanding adaptation to online learning. Teacher Amy Reynolds and Parent Community Liaison Rebecca Gomez arranged a surprise visit to these students to congratulate them on their success in the virtual classroom environment. Before each home visit, OMS staff contacted guardians to arrange for COVID-19 precautions and ensure the student was home to receive the teacher accolades.

Gomez noted, “All students experience various challenges, from hotspot issues to family members who were critically ill; however, many of the students we recognized understand the importance of grit and perseverance and worked around the issues they faced.”

The staff at OMS provided a certificate letter to honorees, detailing what the students have been doing exceptionally well in the classroom. Additionally, the Pacesetter Properties RealEstate and Benton Enterprises Corporation provided recipients with a McDonald’s gift certificate. 

“The students have gone above and beyond in the virtual classroom and have fully participated in live classes and online discussions,” said Reynolds. “They are advocating for their learning in the classroom and beyond to continue their education.”

Mother and son look at student recognition letter Family of three looks at student recognition letter Family of five looks at student recognition letter
Mother and Daughter team at student recognition letter Girl in mask looks at student recognition letter Daughter hold letter of recognition letter and mother holds certificate