Baker sitting behind teal drum set spinning drumstick Del Valle Elementary School (DVES) Music Teacher Austin Baker is a Houston, Texas native and a recently recognized Creative Connection featured artist for the Society for the Performing Arts (SPA) in Houston. The SPA Creative Connection showcases artists and performers who are continuing to work and create, as kitchens and living rooms become makeshift stages, studios, and remote classrooms in light of the current shelter-in events that are taking place. 

“I think it speaks volumes that a Houston based performing arts society chose an educator in a different city to be featured on their site. I was specially chosen by one of their members, who I attended high school with,” explained Baker. “She reached out to me to ask if she could showcase my online educational content on their Creative Connection page as a featured artist. I was happy to do so, especially since Houston is my home town!”

SPAs Creative Connection artist highlight on Baker reached thousands of people within days of being featured on SPAs website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The SPA posted a Facebook video that acquired over 1,700 views as of the date of this publication.

Baker, a teacher at DVE since 2015, credits sharing digital lessons with not only his students but the Del Valle ISD community (DVISD) and beyond to enhancing his confidence as an educator. As a music teacher, Baker provides meaningful and engaging lessons in a classroom setting; and now, he has expanded his experience and ability to provide quality digital lessons that are accessible from anywhere at any time.

“My mission is to encourage students to apply and appreciate music’s vast capabilities for the enrichment of society and intercultural understanding,” said Baker. “This is a challenging and isolating time for many, but we can continue to connect through our creativity, fostering inspiration, and community strength during darker days.”

Baker’s has several family-friendly social media accounts, which he encourages parents/teachers to utilize.

In 1966, Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a crown jewel in Houston’s art community, was born of Houston’s need to fill Jones Hall with performances. Now, the mission of SPA is to enrich the cultural life of Houston and beyond by presenting the world’s best-performing artists and enlightening and educating youth and others in the joys of the performing arts. SPA also serves as one of the largest nonprofit presenting organizations of its kind in the Southwest.

Baker wearing reflective sunglasses in neon Mickey Mouse shirt while playing drums in front neon lights Baker happily pursing lips while playing piano with Bart Simpson doll sitting on keyboard