Popham Elementary School (PES) third-grade students, Maliena Martinez Camejo and Eduardo Toribio Suárez, won the new Comadre’s Choice Award in the annual Vision+Voice poetry contest organized by Austin Community College (ACC). 

The students’ poems will be published on the K12.visionandvoice.org website and will be added to the paperback anthology of all winning poems. Students from ACC will also create illustrations to accompany the winning poems. The corresponding artwork will be displayed across ACC campuses. 

“I am thrilled that two of our third-graders won the Vision+Voice poetry contest organized by Austin Community College!” noted Alessandra Abraham-Gabriel, third-grade bilingual teacher at PES. “The contest received over 750 poems, and in the category of the Comadres’ Voice Award, two out of the three of the Spanish language poems that won are from Popham Elementary!”

The winning students will also have the opportunity to visit the KLRU studio to film a reading of their winning poems. The videos will be published on Vision+Voice’s YouTube channel and on the KLRU website for recognition during a Vision+Voice Awards reception at ACC’s Highland campus. The awards reception will take place in April which is also National Poetry Month.

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