Second-grade students at Baty Elementary School set a goal for the fall of 2019 to collectively read 2,500 books before winter break. From September to December, the students read 2,840 books! After completing a book, students completed an Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the entire book.

“The students are self-motivated to read. We set high goals and they reach them,” said Alejandra Levy, second-grade teacher at Baty. “We have life long readers in the making.”

To reach their 2,500 book goal, the second-grade Bobcats had to collectively ready 625 books a month or about 20 books a day. In addition to the students beating their 2,500 book goal, they enjoyed a celebration with extra recess and cotton candy. As a way of helping students continue their literary exploration, a new goal was set to read 7,000 books before May. That initial goal was increased to 8,000 books now that each student has a dedicated Chromebook at school. With Chromebooks, readers have access to thousands of additional books with the MyOn platform, which provides students access to digital books matched to student’s interests, grade and reading level.

Students reading paper and digital books on colorful carpet Temperature Chart for Book Reading Students reading paper books at their classroom desks