The Del Valle Opportunity Center (OC) is bringing literacy to life with two new programs- a faculty and student shared book club and a student reading buddy program. 

The OC Book Club provides an opportunity for students and teachers to gather during lunchtime to discuss a specific book or type of book. Discussions and debates about great literature spark meaningful conversations that weave academic and real-life experiences together, allowing for students and teachers to bond over shared experiences and build stronger, positive relationships. Book Club participants meet in the library every other Tuesday. At the beginning of the meeting, students are treated to snacks while at the send. After the literature discussions, students engage in social games.

Many of the students in the OC Book Club are also in the OC Readers buddy program.  This program pairs OC student readers with Child Development Center (CDC) classrooms. Students in the OC Readers program walk to the CDC and read to pre-school children aged three to five. The OC Readers buddy program is benefiting both sets of students socially and academically. OC Readers experience improved self-esteem and confidence in reading, while CDC students have an increase in interest and engagement during the buddy reading experience.

11th-grade student Guliana Ramirez Perez participates in both the OC Book Club and OC Readers program. She enjoys both programs but was especially excited after reading to CDC students the first time. 

Guliana excitedly explained, “It was amazing and fun! The experience is inspiring me to give back to kids, and I can’t wait to do it again!!”

OC Reader Smiling at Class as She Reads
OC Readers holding books up that are being read to CDC
OC Book Club at First Meeting