The passing of the Del Valle ISD (DVISD) 2019 Bond included approximately $22 million for district-wide technology upgrades, enhancements, and new technology acquisitions. The first shipment of devices for middle schools was received by the Instructional Technology team in late January with elementary schools receiving their first delivery in February.

Campus Technology Assistants and District Technology Support staff were present for the delivery of Chromebook carts that are part of an elementary and middle school device expansion plan. The plan includes providing enough devices for each student in grades 2-12 to have access to a technology device during the school day, known as a 1-1 plan, one device per one student. DVHS is currently a 1-1 campus. Grades 2-5 will receive Chromebook carts that will include 30 devices per core content class. Pre-K through 1st-grade students will receive classroom iPads. Devices for special programs, staff, etc. will be updated or upgraded later in the year.

Chromebook carts can provide instructional flexibility in the classroom due to expanded access to devices and technology programs.

“I’m very excited about being able to use the new online textbook features,” said Micha Caldwell, Del Valle MS English Language Arts Teacher. “Now, we can better differentiate lessons for English language learners.” 


Technicians Unloading Truck Full of Chromebook Carts Technicians pushing Chromebook Carts
Technicians Working on Chromebook Carts in Library
Technicians Working on Chromebook Carts