Three Texas State Troopers visited Mrs. Edith Valadez’s first-grade classroom at Creedmoor Elementary School to talk with her students about what it takes to become a state trooper and the responsibilities of the job. The officers also discussed their personal journeys which included stories of the importance of being a bilingual speaker in their profession. The visit was also highly motivating to the girls in Valadez’s classroom since they were able to speak with a female officer, a growing demographic in law enforcement.

“I was excited a female officer was able to join us because it showed all students that if you dream it, you can be it,” Valdez said, “I am so thankful to have had these three amazing officers to visit with the students in my class.”

The Texas State Troopers had a positive impact on the students they met and one lucky student even walked away with his very own State Trooper Hat. Thanks to this special visit, these Creedmoor Cougars students understand what it means and what it takes to protect and serve in Texas.

Texas State Troopers Talking with Students in Classroom Students standing with Troopers in front of official vehicle

Student wearing Trooper gear