Del Valle High School (DVHS) Government teacher Dr. Joel Parker is bringing history to life as he uses the Presidential impeachment hearings to teach his students about the process, ramifications and history of Presidential impeachments, past and present.

Tish Hallmark, Del Valle ISD Social Studies Coordinator, understands the importance of using newsworthy events to inspire learning in the classroom. “Bringing current events into the classroom, like the Presidential impeachment hearing, is essential for students’ understanding of the constitution because it is a living document that all Americans need to understand fully to participate in our political process.”

Dr. Parker and his student, Makayla Harvey, sat down with KXAN News to discuss the interest surrounding the current impeachment process and how it is affecting learning in the classroom today.

KXAN News Highlights DVHS Government Lessons   KXAN News Highlights DVHS Government Lessons