Del Valle High School audio-video (AV) production teacher Tim Johnson offered his students an opportunity to participate in the Texas Department of Information Resources’ second annual Cybersecurity Awareness Public Service (PSA) Competition as part of the students’ class work. Junior Kristian Tamoyo proudly walked away from the competition while earning a spot in the top 10.

Tamayo noted, “One important thing I learned, which is something all filmmakers need to learn, is creative problem-solving. You have to learn to think outside the box and consider what’s possible, and in return, you might get a new perspective of your work and make it better.”

Students participating in the competition were challenged to create a 15-30 second PSA aimed at keeping friends and family safe from 3 specific online dangers: phishing, social media worst practices and the threat related to hacking. Tamayo’s PSA focused on non-ethical hacking and the threat it poses to the cyber community.

To view Tamayo’s PSA video, please visit

Kristian Tamoyo filming in DVHS AV Classroom Unidentified Hacker wearing white mask reflecting in glowing green light