Del Valle ISD dyslexia teachers participated in an Escape Room themed professional development on January 7. The teachers learned how to broaden their use of digital reading supports in the classroom. During the training, teachers were given information followed by hands-on activities resulting in an uncovered “secret code.” The code unlocked the many uses of Google’s Read & Write- TextHelp program in the classroom along with some fun EdTech gifts for the teachers.

Attendees learned that the Google program Read & Write can be used for reading, writing, spelling and many more facets in the classroom. These programs can benefit all students, from struggling readers to advanced readers. Read & Write offers spell check, text-to-speech, written and picture dictionaries, translation tools, screen masking, word prediction, and speech recognition. Teachers also discovered a way to work more efficiently to differentiate student learning.

“When students struggle with grade-level content, Read & Write gives them another way to access the information,” said Popham Elementary School dyslexia teacher Amy Beckner. “Instead of feeling like they don’t understand something, they know they need to try another modality. This empowers students to be more independent learners as they build confidence and grasp new concepts.” 

Room filled with teachers on laptops during Escape Room PD Session     IT team member Loren Boyd leading Escape Room PD Session     IT team member Sandi Castro leading Escape Room PD Session