Students at Gilbert Elementary presented their Living Museum and Theater to families and guests. At this annual event in which the entire campus participates, students research a person who interests them in some way—the identified person might be famous, someone they admire, or just someone who created something that interests them. Teachers assist students with this research-based and relevant project. On the day of the event, students dress up as their chosen person and line the hallways of the campus. When asked by visitors touring the “museum,” students explain who they are supposed to be and what they accomplished. Individuals spotted at the museum include famed scientist Madam Marie Curie, media giant Oprah Winfrey, Houston Astros All-Star outfielder George Springer and musical superstars Selina, Carlos Santana, and Celia Cruz. Even the inventor of Hot Cheetos, Richard Montanez, was there.

“Me gusto el proyecto de museo viviente porque me dio la oportunidad para aprender de Celia Cruz. Me gusto vestirme como ella y aprendi que una cantante de Cuba,” said student Nicci Lezama Maldonado.

Gilbert Living History museum Gilbert Living History museum Gilbert Living History museum