Smith Elementary School Student Senate members celebrated the holiday giving season by volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank. The food bank serves 21 counties in Central Texas.

The group of about 18 students devoted four hours to the food bank helping inspect, sort, and box donations for distribution in holiday meals throughout the community. They also received a tour and behind-the-scenes look at how donations are prepared at the food bank warehouse.

Student Senate, under the leadership of Assistant Principal Catherine Yun, is a group of students selected to be community ambassadors for Smith Elementary. Students are nominated by teachers and voted by the student body. Teachers nominate students who show the potential to be an outstanding leader at the school. Members of the senate also learn about conducting meetings and the rule of order, including making motions and voting.

“This was an outstanding opportunity for students to give back to our community and also a wonderful team-building experience. It built comradery and promoted a sense of cooperation and social connection,” said Kathy Risien, Counselor at Smith Elementary.

Smith Elementary School volunteers Smith Elementary School volunteers