Kindergarten students in teacher Carrie Cody’s class at Popham Elementary School recently spent a week learning about and developing a community of their own. The lesson was designed for students to gain an understanding of good citizenship and how people of all types contribute to a thriving community. The experience also focused on the differences between rural and urban areas, how residents work together in a real community.

Students worked in pairs to first construct a building using a paper bag. The buildings were designed to fit a need of the community, like a bank, fire department, school, and more. Each pair of students then made a paper “community helpers” to support the building. The community helper drawings were of a person who fits a job needed for their building. The pictures included tools and other items the person may need to complete their occupation and contribute to the community.

The activity coincided with Popham Elementary’s Career Week. Students heard from visitors in a variety of career areas and used the experiences to help them understand how each ties the community together through their profession.

“The class did an amazing job of working together to create a model community, including the people we may see working each day,” Ms. Cody said, “Connecting this activity to our campus Career Day helped elevate the students’ understanding of a community.”

Popham Elementary community activity Popham Elementary community activity Popham Elementary community activity