Thirty-five third through fifth-grade girls from Collins Elementary attended the We Are Girls Conference at Anderson High School on November 16th. We Are Girls is designed for girls in grades 3-8, and the adults that care about them, including but not limited to: parents, educators, and mentors.

The Girls Empowerment Network sponsors the statewide conference. The Girls Empowerment Network ignites the power in girls by teaching them skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable. When girls learn and practice skills with girls, their self-efficacy increases. When they increase their self-efficacy, they strengthen their internal belief in their power. When they feel powerful, they can be unstoppable.

Accompanied by school counselor Wendy Dastrup, fourth-grade teacher Lupita Hinojosa, teaching assistant Lydia Gonzales and kindergarten teacher Amaranta Pazo, the Collins attendees went to empowering sessions on STEM, Self-Confidence, Dance, and Mindfulness.

“It is wonderful to see our students break out of their comfort zones and reach for their potential during the empowering and motivating breakout sessions,” said Wendy Dastrup, Counselor Collins Elementary. “I hope that the girls bring back skills acquired at the conference and utilize them both  in and out of the classroom.”

We Are Girls conference group photo We Are Girls conference group photo