Del Valle High School students are casting their votes for the first time during the November election. Each year, students in the high school’s government and economics classes register to vote, then on election day walk with their teachers to the Del Valle ISD Administration Building to vote.

“I tried to normalize the process by talking about the importance of voting and participation in our Democracy,” said Adrian Jurado, a DVHS government teacher.

The guidance of the voting process in each class made the experience helpful for the students.

“At first I was nervous because I did not know what I was doing my teacher helped explain and then the voting process was really easy. I think I made an impact, and everyone should come out and vote,” said DVHS senior Ashley Correra Venegas, one of the first-time voters.

In addition to teachers bringing students to the polls, School Board Vice President Ann Heuberger annually educates students in Economics and Government classes on the history of US voting and assists with registering students to vote.

Pictured below is Nichole Sutton Art History teacher, Ashley Correra, and Kalyn Willis.

Senior votes for the first time.First Time Voter