The school year at Gilbert Elementary School is off to a colorful and creative start, with a collaborative art display featuring work from the entire school. The theme is “Building Better Together” and each grade took part in designing their own brick or mortar section that was then installed together with other grades. The artwork is on display across from the school cafeteria.

Keeping with the building theme, 4th-grade architects are designing their own castle inspired by Gothic architecture, while 5th-grade students are exploring their “inner Andy Warhol” during a new class unit on Pop Art and Andy Warhol. The students each created Pop Art-inspired soda cans. In this project, students used art principles and elements such as repetition, color, and form to create Pop Art-inspired soda cans.

“I liked Andy Warhol because he used all kinds of shapes and colors,” said 5th-grade student Maylin Hernandez.

Art wall for multiple images.   Art picture of Soda Cans