Mr. Ralph Umana, the Exploring Careers/Gateway Teacher at Ojeda Middle School, wanted to improve communication and build better relationships with his English as a Second Language students. As an experienced practitioner in his fifth year of teaching, Mr. Umana was reflective of this need and self-identified a solution. By connecting a wireless microphone to Google Translate, he is able to project on the screen a translation of his words in real-time.  This can be accomplished by selecting from the over 100 languages available.

“Once Google began translating what I was saying, I saw an increase in the participation of the ESL students,” Mr. Umana explains.

“Mr. Umana is one of Ojeda Middle School’s amazing teachers,” said Ojeda Middle School Principal Dr. Alex Torrez, “He found an innovative approach to solve a challenge.”

Mr. Umana plans on sharing his experience with other educators to provide another strategy to connect with students.

Click here to watch a video featuring Mr. Umana’s Google Translate interview.

Picture of Mr. Umana