During the week of June 18 – June 22, 2019 Rachel Hatch, Teacher at Ojeda Middle School, attended a summer residential program at the George Washington Teacher Institute in Mount Vernon Virginia. She was one of 40 participants from across the nation to be accepted. The program “Slavery in George Washington’s World”, was accompanied by the attendees presenting to each other. 

“This year I had the immense honor of returning to the highly regarded Mount Vernon Teacher Institute where I studied with university professors, historians, experts, living history interpreters and fellow teachers about slavery in George Washington’s time.” said Ms. Hatch.  “I also had the opportunity as a teacher alum to participate in the 4th of July festivities at Mount Vernon.” 

Ms. Hatch brought back artifacts, a collection of relevant and engaging primary and secondary sources, and activities for her students to use in mastering 8th Grade Social Studies TEKS and STAAR. She plans on sharing her presentation and her learnings with DVISD teachers allowing the district to benefit from her experience.  

“The institute broadened my historical knowledge and deepened my appreciation of history. It reminded me of the vital importance and obligation to teach history through the myriad of perspectives of the people from the past as well as what impact it has on us today. I’m excited to bring what I learned from this experience to my students and colleagues!” said Hatch.

Ms. Hatch on Stairs Ms. Hatch in VA Ms Hatch in Museum