Board Meeting Briefs for July 16, 2019


2019-2020 Texas Optional Flexible School Day Program: Public Hearing

The Texas Education Agency requires each district’s Board of Trustees that uses the Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP) to review annual campus data regarding qualifying student participation and attendance success criteria. The purpose of this item is to receive any public comment on continuing the Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP).


Consider and  Act  on  Appointment  of  Board  Member  to  Fill  Single  Member District 2 Vacancy

The Board approved Damian Pantoja for the single member district 2 vacancy.

Due to  the  resignation  of Debbie  Russell,  the  Board may appoint a  new board member for SMD 2.Three applications were received  in the Superintendent’s office by the deadline of Friday, June 14th and distributed to all board members for review on June 14th.


Consider and Act on Texas Optional Flexible School Day Program Participation for: Early College High School, Del Valle High School, Del Valle Opportunity Center

The Board approved district participation in the OFSDP program.

Del Valle ISD strives to address the needs of our at risk population by carefully monitoring student progress, participating in research based dropout prevention initiatives and implementing innovative programs. Early College Highs School, Del Valle Opportunity Center and the credit recovery program at Del Valle High are  designed to meet this need.  Over the years, as each has grown and evolved, new challenges have arisen, specifically in the area of attendance. The OFSDP is a TEA authorized program that allows approved districts to provide flexible hours and days of attendance for students in any grade level meeting specific criteria: the student is at risk of dropping out of school; the student will be denied credit for one or more enrolled courses due to attendance; the student is attending a campus with an approved early college high school program designation; the student is attending a campus implementing an approved innovative campus plan or, the student is attending a community-based dropout recovery education program. The goal of the OFSDP program is to improve graduation rates for students at risk of dropping out or participating in specialized programs of study. With participation, there are significant advantages for both the student and the district. Students gain greater flexibility towards meeting their graduation requirements, which maybe be affected due to challenging life circumstances. District benefits by maximizing attendance time and by  providing unique opportunities for students to earn credits and graduate from high school. The District would also benefit from additional state funding for students with nontraditional schedules.


 2019 Bond Committee Update

The 2019  Bond Committee  members discussed potential  projects  to  propose  to  the DVISD Board of Trustees.  This provided members of the DVISD Board of Trustees the recommendation of the committee regarding the potential projects to be included in a bond election.


Consider and Act on use of Excess Bond Funds for Athletic Complex Security Updates

The Board approved the use of excess bonds funds for the discussed projects.

During design and construction of the athletic facility it was intended that the locker room doors  and access doors would be locked  at  all times. After  opening  the  building,  staff discovered that this was not reasonable as students need to be able to get in and out of the locker  rooms  or  hallways  without  having  a  coach with  them. Student need  this  access  in order  to  get  items  out  of  the  locker  rooms,  use  the restrooms  and  move  throughout  the facility. Staff reviewed several options to remedy the door access and determined that changing the door hardware will meet the needs of the students and staff in the facility.


Presentation on Requirements for State Mandated Full Day Pre-Kindergarten

House Bill 3 requires school districts to offer pre-kindergarten to all eligible 4-year olds. According to data provided by E3 Alliance for the Central Texas area, 51% of students enter Kindergarten not ready for school success.  However, students who attend full day pre-kindergarten programs are 3 times more likely to be kindergarten ready for school; tend to have fewer absences and go on to experience success on state assessments at grade 3.Del Valle ISD currently offers half-day pre-kindergarten programs at each of the elementary campuses. House Bill 3 requires us to offer full day pre-kindergarten for all eligible 4 year olds.  For the 2019-2020 school year, Del Valle ISD will begin to offer full day pre-kindergarten at all elementary schools in order to fulfill the mandate by the state.


Consider and Act on New FTEs for the 2019-2020 School Year

The Board approved the requested new FTEs.

In order to appropriately address student needs, the Board considered the following FTEs:

  1. One high school assistant principal for DVHS
  2. Four new teacher assistant FTEs for full day Pre-K to accompany the 4 teacher FTEs  mandated  by  HB  3  and to meet  District  staffing  standards at—Popham, Hornsby, DVE, and Gilbert
  3. One new PPCD teacher assistant FTE at Hillcrest to accompany the 1 teacher FTE granted to accommodate increase in enrollment


Consider and Act on Budget Amendment #1 for 2019-2020 General Fund Budget

The Board approved the budget amendment.

In order to accurately reflect current expenditures and account for funds in the proper functions, the Board was asked to approve Budget Amendment #1 for the 2019-2020 General Fund.


Consider and Act on the repeal of all previously adopted local policies and the adoption of local policies as prepared by TASB Policy Service 

The Board approved repealing all previously adopted local policies with the exception of FMH(LOCAL) and adopt the local policy manuals prepared by TASB Policy Service. 

Following an administrative review of the District’s Local Policy Manual with its TASB policy consultant, the Board on February 25, 2019 authorized TASB to construct a new policy manual that included the revision and deletion of specific local policies initially reviewed by the Board at that time. The District received a draft Local Policy Manual from TASB. The draft manual includes both the proposed policies recommended for revision or deletion, as well as those that remain unaltered. The Board was asked to repeal the District’s old policy manual and adopt the draft policy manual, each in their entirety.


Designate a Delegate and Alternate for the TASA/TASB Annual Convention 

The Board designated Ann Heuberger as the delegate and Darla Wegner as the alternate for the TASA/TASB annual conference. 

The annual TASA/TASB Convention is scheduled for September 20-22, 2019. Each year the Board designates a delegate and alternate for the convention.


Consider and Act on Employment of Popham Elementary School Principal 

The Board approved Jennifer Castillo-Spears as the Popham Elementary School Principal.


Consider and Act on Employment of Early College High School Principal

The Board approved Jenise Wright as the Early College High School Principal.


Consider and Act on Employment of Chief Financial Officer 

The Board approved the Chief Financial Officer as recommended by Administration.


Closed Session

The Board approved action items that were discussed during Closed Session.


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