Del Valle ISD students from Creedmoor Elementary, Del Valle Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary and Smith Elementary were awarded Elementary Ribbon Awards & Elementary Special Awards on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Palmer Event Center during the annual Austin Energy Regional Science Festival.

“The Austin Energy Regional Science Fair is an exciting time of year for both teachers and students,” said fifth grade Smith Elementary science teacher Amber Ames. “It’s a well-respected annual event that motivates and challenges our students through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math components.”

Teyla Woody, Smith Elementary fifth grade student, received the special award of Austin Energy Renewable Energy Innovation Award Honorable Mention. Woody also received the first place Elementary Ribbon Award for her Spinner Windmill project.

The following students were recognized as Elementary Ribbon Award winners.

Student(s) Name Place Ribbon Campus
Zoe Alimon 1st Relaxin in Chemicals Creedmoor Elementary
Justin Coleman-Hays 2nd Can a Lemon or Potato Conduct Electricity to Power Objects  Creedmoor Elementary
Isaiah Sanders 2nd Creating An Electromagnet Using Various Core Materials Creedmoor Elementary
Matthew Beckwith 1st Stacked Liquids Creedmoor Elementary
Yazmin Aquilera NS Puede Afectar La Falta De Luz Solar En El Crecimiento y Coloración De Una Planta Creedmoor Elementary
Adrianna Davidson 2nd Gummy Bear Lab Del Valle Elementary
Lisette Gutierrez 1st Popcorn Del Valle Elementary
Evan Matthews 2nd Magnet Strength Del Valle Elementary
Diana Lara Jaimes Ornelas, Mia Ontiveros Gonzalez 3rd Space Del Valle Elementary
Juan Manuel Velardes 2nd Volcanos Del Valle Elementary
Edwin Rodriguez-Castelan, Alexander Jimenez Maturano, Emmanuel Fernandez 2nd Soundwaves Hillcrest Elementary
Adrian Madero-Rivera, Ingrid Nieto-Rodriguez 2nd Blue or Gold Hillcrest Elementary
Angel Suarez Jaimes, Cristian Loyola Castanon, Sebastian Acosto Montenegro 2nd The Volcanic Coke Explosion Hillcrest Elementary
Axel Prado, Magdiel Rivera Ruiz, Delaney Martinez Fuentes 1st How Do You Feel In Time of Day? Hillcrest Elementary
Angelica Valladares, Sophia Chamorro-Quezada 2nd Memory Test Hillcrest Elementary
Cora Wylie 2nd Which Marker Brand Lasts Longest? Hillcrest Elementary
Cesar Suarez Jaimes, Thomas Rodriguez, Jesse Loyola Castanon 2nd Bottle Rockets Hillcrest Elementary
Davis Navejas NS Which Soil Can Grow Plants Fastest? Hillcrest Elementary
Teyla Woody 1st Spinner Windmill Smith Elementary
Ryuichi Sayers 1st Boiling Points Smith Elementary
Daniel Castelan 3rd Tsunamis Smith Elementary
Eduardo Dantel Ramirez 2nd Diaper Dissection Smith Elementary


The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of Texas’ largest regional science fairs with almost 3,000 students from 3rd through 12th grade. It encourages and rewards innovative student research and provides scientists, engineers and other professionals a chance to volunteer in the community.