ACC Ribbon Cutting Photo

On Tuesday, Feb. 28., Del Valle ISD students, administrative staff and other Austin-area partners participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new ACC Health Science Academy Facility, located at 1811 Springdale Road.  

District representatives in attendance were Superintendent Dr. Kelly Crook, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Annette Villerot, Dr. Vail, CTE Director Norris Sebastian, CTE Health Science Teacher Amanda Cortez and several Del Valle High School students.

“I really like the hands-on experience before going into a certain health career path,” Maria Esqueda, a Del Valle ISD student, said. “It will give me insight on what I really want to do and see if I like that field or not at this early point.”

Del Valle ISD is the first district to implement the Academy model located entirely on the ACC Campus. The district currently has students in three programs: Phlebotomy, Pharmacy and EMT.

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