Mayor Adler with Cardinal

Austin Mayor Steve Adler visited Del Valle High School on Friday, Nov. 3, to tour the school, interact with students and engage in educational conversations with teachers and staff.

Mayor Adler arrived during the pep rally and addressed the crowd before the upcoming game against Manor. Afterwards, he met with Amy Gonzalez, librarian, and technology staff to learn more about the tools the district provides to students and staff.

“Del Valle ISD has provided each senior with Google Chromebooks,” Gonzalez said to Mayor Adler. “Our students work with Dell Computers to build and manage software programs for teachers at Del Valle High School.”

Mayor Adler also toured the CTE classrooms of Health Science, Political Science and Auto Technology with Norris Sebastian, CTE Director. During one of his stops, Mayor Adler addressed the foreign relations class and he talked about the importance of education.

“I grew up in a family where education was important,” Mayor Adler said. “The fact that I went to college opened up doors.”

Mayor Adler with DVISD Staff