DVISD mets state standards academically

According to the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) accountability rating, All of Del Valle ISD’s campuses met state academics and alternative standards. The accountability rating system reports and develops meaningful data that helps Texas public schools meet the education needs of all students.

Baty Elementary School received one distinction in academic achievement in Science. Smith Elementary School also received one distinction in academic achievement in Science.

Del Valle High School received three distinctions in Academic Achievement in Science, Academic Achievement in Social Studies and Postsecondary Readiness.

Del Valle Middle School received a record five distinctions in Academic Achievement in Language Arts/Reading, Academic Achievement in Science, Top 25 percent Student Progress, Top 25 percent in Closing Performance Gap.

“While we believe no standardized test or rating system will ever accurately measure the great achievement of our public schools, we’re excited as a district and a community because it shows our teachers, principals and students are working hard to achieve academic success,” said Kelly Crook, Del Valle ISD superintendent. “The work to continue academic growth is not done, but DVISD is dedicated to prepare our students for college and careers.”

For more information, visit the TEA’s website at www.tea.texas.gov.